Video / Audio

“Upa Neguinho” (Edu Lobo) was a big hit for Elis Regina in 1963. And a lot of fun to play for the band.

Live in Brussels – “Bala com Bala”, a classic by Joao Bosco. Shot with an iPhone, but it gives some idea of the energy that this band can create…

“Meio de Campo” Elis Regina changed Gilberto Gil’s song into a fast energetic samba, musical fireworks for samba-lovers…

“Corcovado” is a standard by Tom Jobim. Here in a version with only piano and vocal. This song reminds me of my hometown.


Again a song made famous by Elis Regina in 1971. “Madalena” (Ivan Lins) has since then become a classic, it is light and playful and yet the lyrics carry serious political overtones.


“Ta perdoado” was a big hit for Maria Rita in 2007. This was recorded in our rehearsal room, but we polished it a bit afterwards.